System Centre Configuration Manager – Hide and Seek

Time to get back into System Centre, after a little break from posts on this subject! Once your Configuration Manager setup is quite, well big and built up – you may end up playing hide and seek with programs, task sequences… well any object! And trust me, from experience…its infuriating.

I know I’m probably my own worse enemy for it, but I do like using folders to categorise software. The side effect – what happens if you’ve moved it to the wrong folder, forget where you put it etc. Garrhhhhh! Yes…before someone says it…I know you could use search folders, but they arent for everyone.

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System Centre Configuration Manager 2012 R2 – Post Upgrade

Back to an old topic for me…my love of all things System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM). I first started working with this product back in the heady SMS days, and have now installed a fair few implementations of the various newer versions of SCCM. My most recent work has actually – for once – been on my own native system! I know…get me!

Originally installed as a 2007 system back in 2011; it has been “migrated” to 2012, then through the Service Packs of that version until most recently the upgrade (thank you Microsoft for listening after the pain of 2007 to 2012) to 2012 R2.

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