Office 365 Service Accounts

A quick short blog post, which is really just a direction to some Microsoft content. Office 365 users will be familiar with the need for an account to use as a “service account” for DirSync, Azure AD Sync or other 3rd Party Sync/Integration Services. Now, how frustrating is it when this stops working because the account password expires – stopping your services working.

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System Centre Configuration Manager – Hide and Seek

Time to get back into System Centre, after a little break from posts on this subject! Once your Configuration Manager setup is quite, well big and built up – you may end up playing hide and seek with programs, task sequences… well any object! And trust me, from experience…its infuriating.

I know I’m probably my own worse enemy for it, but I do like using folders to categorise software. The side effect – what happens if you’ve moved it to the wrong folder, forget where you put it etc. Garrhhhhh! Yes…before someone says it…I know you could use search folders, but they arent for everyone.

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More Powershell – Admin “bacon-saving”…

So it looks like Powershell has become my new thing…it should be everyones thing! The clue is in the name really…POWER! Top Gear style…MORE POWER! (other motoring shows are available…)

I digress…

Take some of your daily admin tasks… you should find Powershell will be your friend to just get the job done, or in the case of Exchange 2010 – you just have to do some things in Powershell as the console wont let you!

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Powershell to the rescue

So how many times have your thought, dammit – there must be a quicker or easier way to do something? Worse still, its one of those things that you dont need to do often – and its a pig to try and track down the information on?

One such task is the famous FSMO role lookup or transfer. Ive been working through my estate, upgrading servers from the “old” 2008 R2 to the new 2012 R2…and it is DC time. Thankfully, this isnt too bad, you just DC promo it down – upgrade and bring it back.

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