Assessing the new breed of SIMS Assessment Manager

By now, it can’t have escaped your notice that big changes are afoot in the ways schools measure and report progress. The “old” levels system is “out”. For many years, it underpinned the way in which teachers recorded and measured the capabilities of their cohort; as well as provided a way to compare individual and group performance. This system and the national curriculum are changing… radically.


“…evolving with you to help you manage the changes to assessment and the national curriculum…”

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SIMS Review of 2013/14 and Summer/Autumn 2014

SIMS2014OpenIt’s been a year of Tenders for Capita SIMS, reports Phil Neal – Managing Director for Capita SIMS. We opened with some statistics about the year that has been. In terms of Tenders – 10 have been won, 1 pending (which is being expected to be lost) and finally a great announcement (which followers might have seen I posted on Twitter) – G-Cloud will also host SIMS 7.

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