More Powershell – Admin “bacon-saving”…

So it looks like Powershell has become my new thing…it should be everyones thing! The clue is in the name really…POWER! Top Gear style…MORE POWER! (other motoring shows are available…)

I digress…

Take some of your daily admin tasks… you should find Powershell will be your friend to just get the job done, or in the case of Exchange 2010 – you just have to do some things in Powershell as the console wont let you!

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Powershell to the rescue

So how many times have your thought, dammit – there must be a quicker or easier way to do something? Worse still, its one of those things that you dont need to do often – and its a pig to try and track down the information on?

One such task is the famous FSMO role lookup or transfer. Ive been working through my estate, upgrading servers from the “old” 2008 R2 to the new 2012 R2…and it is DC time. Thankfully, this isnt too bad, you just DC promo it down – upgrade and bring it back.

But oh no – you forgot the FSMO roles…!! And they live in all sorts of places in the GUI and it was generally a proper pain to track down and change… Continue reading

System Centre Configuration Manager 2012 R2 – Post Upgrade

Back to an old topic for me…my love of all things System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM). I first started working with this product back in the heady SMS days, and have now installed a fair few implementations of the various newer versions of SCCM. My most recent work has actually – for once – been on my own native system! I know…get me!

Originally installed as a 2007 system back in 2011; it has been “migrated” to 2012, then through the Service Packs of that version until most recently the upgrade (thank you Microsoft for listening after the pain of 2007 to 2012) to 2012 R2.

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Operations Manager – System Centre gets serious!

So many of you know that Ive been playing with System Centre for a while…well, I was looking for a product to give me the lowdown on the inner workings of my system. I wanted the true integration with the software and services that power our system – and also signpost, if issues arose, how to fix them. It was a relatively simple evaluation choice to bring in Operations Manger then.

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Setting Printers though Group Policy…an encore

Well, I know its been a long time since my last published blog post! The truth is Ive been working on a few for a while now – but just never got round to finishing any of them.

Heres the first of my next batch… a return to an earlier thread of posts, originally related to Printing on Remote Desktop.

First, a bit of background… traditionally, most systems will be set up to map printers via a logon script. The script typically checks a machine name and adds the appropriate printers based on that.

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