Education IT Suppliers, and the move towards Consultative Support

Another quick follow-up from BETT 2016, with Capita – this time with Steve Smith, the new Director of Learning for the Managed IT Solutions division. We had a discussion and some much needed “sit down time” about how the role in IT providers has changed over the past few years. The last few years has seen a revolution in education technology, with an explosion in the use of mobile devices. Continue reading

Powershell – Bacon saving…

Even though I don’t run a production network anymore; I do still maintain my own Virtual network for demonstrations and testing product features for the day job. I do remember getting the issue Im going to cover today though a while ago when I did run a School Network!. So, what is this issue? How many of you have seen the dreaded “the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed” message? A quick Google (or other search engine of your choice) will get you plenty of information from support blogs and Microsoft articles. The problem is, many of them ask you to rejoin your machine to the domain. That’s not always possible – nor desirable, particularly in my case, where Id got it on my Exchange Server VM in my demo network. Id left it paused for too long. Continue reading

System Centre – playing with Service Manager

Ok, so I think people who follow my work often will know that Im a bit of a fan of the whole System Centre thing (yes – I know ive spelt System Centre properly, not the American “Center” that gets used everywhere!).

You see, Configuration Manager – formerly Systems Management Server has always been a winner for me; but the real power now comes if you extend the stort by combining the elements of the suite together. System Centre is designed so that its components share information with eachother – to give you a complete picture and management of your system. Continue reading

System Centre Configuration Manager – Hide and Seek

Time to get back into System Centre, after a little break from posts on this subject! Once your Configuration Manager setup is quite, well big and built up – you may end up playing hide and seek with programs, task sequences… well any object! And trust me, from experience…its infuriating.

I know I’m probably my own worse enemy for it, but I do like using folders to categorise software. The side effect – what happens if you’ve moved it to the wrong folder, forget where you put it etc. Garrhhhhh! Yes…before someone says it…I know you could use search folders, but they arent for everyone.

Continue reading