Office 365 Service Accounts

A quick short blog post, which is really just a direction to some Microsoft content. Office 365 users will be familiar with the need for an account to use as a “service account” for DirSync, Azure AD Sync or other 3rd Party Sync/Integration Services. Now, how frustrating is it when this stops working because the account password expires – stopping your services working.

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SIMS Teacher App… evolving…

So, almost 6 months have passed since the release of the first version of the SIMS Teacher App – available in the first instance for Apple iOS only. All the while, the aim was to make a Teacher App for all the mobile devices – so one for devices running Android, and also one for those running the Windows App framework on Windows 8.1 onwards.

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Agora – the “new breed” of SIMS

Agora, launched a little over a year ago, is the Capita SIMS online payment solution for Schools – enabling parents to pay for school meals, trips, activities, uniforms and more. SIMS Agora allows Schools to provide a safe and secure method to make payments in a convenient way – always having access to what they have paid for whenever and wherever they like.

What really sets Agora apart from other the rest of the SIMS ecosystem is that it is the first “as a service” solution from Capita. There is no “product” in the traditional sense to buy – no “disks”, no installation or consultancy charges and no pesky system requirements.#

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Intranet and Extranet SSO and Usability Project – Part 1

Its been a long time since I last wrote about Sharepoint – the platform for our Intranet; but now with the rest of the ongoing projects nearing completion – I’ve been able to return to this monster of a project.

So, lets go back to the start and show what the end goal was.

1. Intranet Portal – containing Departmental, Staff and Student Areas. Department areas would have staff and student storage as well as news, events, discussions, blogs and all the usual suspects

2. Booking System – does what is says on the tin, web system for booking rooms and resouces

3. Helpdesk System – does what is says on the tin, access to our existing online ICT helpdesk system

4. SSO (Single Sign On) – enter username and password once for all services, and transparently log in to all the others

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