Achievement unlocked

Its been a while since I last did any Microsoft Exams – December 2015, and with a new updated MCSA for Server 2016 – it was about time I gave it a go to upgrade the existing MCSA I have.

Well…achievement unlocked – upgrade complete…

Interventions, tracking effectiveness

Interventions is going to be a new module – baked into the SIMS7 core product. I’m quite excited about this – as it sounds like both Phil Neal (SIMs Director) and Lucy Crawford (Product Manager ) are as well – judging by both the presentation and lunch discussion we had at the Summer Conference.

The module is currently in development, and expected during the first half of 2017. I first heard about the idea for Interventions a few years ago now; as a way of bridging the gap for tracking the effectiveness of and reporting on actions staff take to ensure children reach their potential by early flagging and supporting of needs.

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Highlights for Spring, in Capita SIMS

Spring, well almost Summer weather is on its way, Easter has been and gone – and we are now into the Summer term for Schools. This means that the SIMS Spring update has also been released, so its time for a short roundup of updates and forthcoming changes.

Not all of SIMS now has to be updated this way – as any of the users of the Cloud Products will know. Agora and the Teacher App are updated in waves throughout the year – meaning that customer requests and general product development are much more responsive.

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Powershell – Bacon saving…

Even though I don’t run a production network anymore; I do still maintain my own Virtual network for demonstrations and testing product features for the day job. I do remember getting the issue Im going to cover today though a while ago when I did run a School Network!. So, what is this issue? How many of you have seen the dreaded “the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed” message? A quick Google (or other search engine of your choice) will get you plenty of information from support blogs and Microsoft articles. The problem is, many of them ask you to rejoin your machine to the domain. That’s not always possible – nor desirable, particularly in my case, where Id got it on my Exchange Server VM in my demo network. Id left it paused for too long. Continue reading