The Teacher App was just the beginning

When I first saw the Teacher App in development over two years ago – it was fairly clear that it was just the start of a project to revitalise access to the data within SIMS and modernise the experience. So, it should come as little surprise that at BETT this year – it is being joined by a Parent and a Student App. In today smartphone era, it makes sense that this is the way that we want to consume data and respond quickly to “alerts”. Students particularly are used to this idea; and many parents are getting on board with the idea now too. Now, some schools have been in the “App age” for a while – with various products for home – school communication; but the trouble is, they were only suited to their small niche – basic information; and didn’t link into anything at the heart of a school – the MIS. Continue reading

BETT 2016 Roundup – Microsoft Class Notebook and OneNote in Education

thI’ve always loved OneNote – in fact all my blog notes; and day to day work notes are all kept in OneNote Notebooks. I’ve got at least 6 different Notebooks syncing for different things – and that’s even before I consider the personal ones too. The reason why…its so simple; and flexible – you can store anything in them; and when you combine them with the power of mobile and inking (via tablets such as the Surface, or even non Microsoft ones with a pen) – they come into their own. Text, images, tables, links, images, videos…the full works. Oh, and yes, formatting is in there too. Some of you who saw me at BETT may have noticed that myself and a colleague were both sporting rather fetching purple “OneNote Avenger” capes…! Continue reading

Windows 10 – Reviewed

Unless you’ve been living under a rock – you can’t have missed that Microsoft have been rather busy for the past 18 months.

Back in late 2014, Microsoft surprised everyone when it took the wraps off the Technical Preview of its next Windows operating system. It had been widely expected that there would be a next generation of Windows: we just didn’t expect it to be called Windows 10, and nor did we expect such a drastic change in user engagement. The preview programme was huge, and I think it can be considered that Windows Insider was a huge win. Over 4 million people joined the programme and helped test and shape the next version. So much of a win was it, that it was extended to the Windows Mobile version, and also to Office 2016 as well.

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SIMS Teacher App… evolving…

So, almost 6 months have passed since the release of the first version of the SIMS Teacher App – available in the first instance for Apple iOS only. All the while, the aim was to make a Teacher App for all the mobile devices – so one for devices running Android, and also one for those running the Windows App framework on Windows 8.1 onwards.

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UPDATED: SIMS Teacher App – hands on and reviewed…

Many of you may have read my previous articles about the then forthcoming SIMS Teacher App for iOS; well now i’ve been able to get very hands on…literally, with the most recent release – and the one which is now available to all schools. Tablet computers are becoming an increasing part of the modern classroom, expanding SIMS in true tablet App form (beyond the already discussed Remote App) means that, some would say, SIMS is becoming modern.

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