Supporting the update to Primary

The SIMs Primary adoption is currently via a growing pilot program; and is a process of learning – for both Capita and customers. As a result, there is an ongoing process looking at how documentation is provided and updated. One of the key parts of the program is suitability checking – not everyone is suitable to enter yet. Key in this process are Support Units, who can help to identify and engage with potential early adopters – and arrange their update with Capita. Continue reading

Recap on a busy Spring

Its been a busy few months in Bedford since the BETT Show. There was the announcement of the forthcoming Parent and Student Apps – so not surprisingly, there has been much feedback gathering from pilot customers before the scheduled release later this year. It is coming soon, you can now place orders via the website or your SIMS Account Manager. A nice video presentation highlighting the key functionality is also now available on the website here That’s not the main body of this article though – I’m reserving this one for a selection of “best bits” from the Spring Release. Continue reading

The Teacher App was just the beginning

When I first saw the Teacher App in development over two years ago – it was fairly clear that it was just the start of a project to revitalise access to the data within SIMS and modernise the experience. So, it should come as little surprise that at BETT this year – it is being joined by a Parent and a Student App. In today smartphone era, it makes sense that this is the way that we want to consume data and respond quickly to “alerts”. Students particularly are used to this idea; and many parents are getting on board with the idea now too. Now, some schools have been in the “App age” for a while – with various products for home – school communication; but the trouble is, they were only suited to their small niche – basic information; and didn’t link into anything at the heart of a school – the MIS. Continue reading

Achievement unlocked

Its been a while since I last did any Microsoft Exams – December 2015, and with a new updated MCSA for Server 2016 – it was about time I gave it a go to upgrade the existing MCSA I have.

Well…achievement unlocked – upgrade complete…