Interventions goes Live

Back in late Summer, you may remember I reported about a new SIMS Module – Interventions. At that point, it was expected and hoped for release Q1 2017. Great news is it will be formally launched at BETT 2017. My original post on it is here – and the product has continued to get some minor fit and finish, just to polish it ready for market. Im pleased to see it has also picked up some much needed built in reporting – see images.













The great thing about SIMS Interventions is it does what it says on the tin – in a clean, simple, no-nonsense kind of fashion. It is simply a tool to allow schools to track any intervention, whether it is a maths club, peer mentoring or a theatre group to help pupils who are falling behind or those with behaviour or attendance issues. The system then uses the achievement and other data in a school’s SIMS management information system to see the exact impact of an intervention on student outcomes. What’s more, the software enables schools to measure the cost effectiveness of each intervention; since the system also takes into account the real cost of providing resources (staffing, materials etc) to supply the interventions.

“Each intervention can be monitored by individual pupil, group or school-wide so school leaders can have a detailed view of the total intervention picture in their school,” says Graham Cooper of Capita SIMS. “This saves time and means investments in future support schemes can be made more wisely as it is clear which schemes make a real difference to pupils.”

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