Supporting the update to Primary

The SIMs Primary adoption is currently via a growing pilot program; and is a process of learning – for both Capita and customers. As a result, there is an ongoing process looking at how documentation is provided and updated. One of the key parts of the program is suitability checking – not everyone is suitable to enter yet. Key in this process are Support Units, who can help to identify and engage with potential early adopters – and arrange their update with Capita. Continue reading

SIMS Annual Conference 2017 – from the top

The event opened with a welcome from a new face – Brenda Morris, who recently joined, and has responsibility for the reorganised Education Software business. As part of this, she was keen to give us a background to herself and where Capita ESS fits inside the bigger Capita Group business. Brenda told us she is a “software person”, with experience of leading businesses from on premises systems to new solutions in the cloud. Her role is dedicated to the transition, and key to that is her experience to be able to deliver Sims 8. We also met at a new venue – Hinkley Island Conference Centre. The hot weather also joined us – as the event fell nicely in the June mini heat wave.

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Recap on a busy Spring

Its been a busy few months in Bedford since the BETT Show. There was the announcement of the forthcoming Parent and Student Apps – so not surprisingly, there has been much feedback gathering from pilot customers before the scheduled release later this year. It is coming soon, you can now place orders via the website or your SIMS Account Manager. A nice video presentation highlighting the key functionality is also now available on the website here That’s not the main body of this article though – I’m reserving this one for a selection of “best bits” from the Spring Release. Continue reading

In conversation with…

Hello readers, welcome to another blog post in the “in conversation with” series, this time with CEO of The Shine Trust Clare Gilhooly.

After being involved with the Let Teachers Shine competition for a number of years, it was great to get the opportunity to have an in depth conversation with Clare about the process – and what she thinks it does for the Teaching profession.

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